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Senin, 15 Februari 2016

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Rabu, 03 Februari 2016


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Rabu, 17 September 2014

Born To Run

Bruce Springsteen


Vacaville to San Francisco 47 miles - September 17 2014


Woke late and departed late! Frankly shattered and the body needs a rest. Eventually I joined the Vacaville rush hour and then found the ACA map route. They directed you away from the traffic and soon I found myself in the Napa Valley vineyards. Their presentation was scruffy compared to the French (bar one vineyard I passed) and also they boasted such landmarks as 'established in 1982'!


The route was winding and I eventually found myself on a 'frontage' road beside the 80. This gave way to a cycle path and eventually I made Vallejo. The map spared the cyclist any bridges or long detours into San Francisco and for $13 I caught a small but high speed ferry that took 55 minutes to deliver me to the iconic Fisherman's Wharf.

I was excited as I wheeled my ever reliable amazing bicycle off the ferry. However there was another 5 miles to go to reach the Bridge. So with the day tripper tourist cyclists I wended my way to the Bridge. A policeman stopped me crossing the span for whatever reason - wind? I, however, found a poppet from Dallas who did the honours.


The job is done. I have crossed America. Every inch of land covered on a bicycle. Just under 3,900 miles and including rest days I took 59 days.


So, in summary, I learned about America and its values, culture, its often sense of community, its perspectives on the world, and the environment, and the differences usually State by State.

I saw some of the most inspiring landscapes known to man and also moved alongside its plentiful wildlife. I made some new wonderful friends via cyberspace and on a bicycle.

I completed a physical challenge that has taken pounds off my waist and simply amazed me in my performance. I have raised a little money and raised the profile, locally, of a charity.

Lastly, I have been allowed to pursue my desire to wander by my wife and family. Quite a sacrifice whilst they got on with life back in the UK.

I thank all the readers for being an extra gear or two on the bike - don't under estimate your contribution.

I have had the time of my life.



Selasa, 16 September 2014

The Beginning Of The End

B B King

Placerville to Vacaville 98 miles - September 16 2014

In the grand style of the Tour de France I thought that if I could get a good distance today then I could roll into San Francisco on the Thursday like the General Classification riders. That is, with no pressure I would just mop up the adulation of the adoring populace who would be lining the route as I trundled in. Oh well the trundle bit is hopefully right.

Today's ride was mainly on cycle paths or through fruit groves and flattish. However, in line with my contract, the day started on narrow roads with over powered pick ups driven by neanderthals and the obligatory large trucks brushing my hip rather than wait for me on an ascent. I shall miss you boys.

However, after getting help on the directions at Folsom (queue Johnny Cash song lyrics) It was cycle paths all the way past Davis. The sun was hot, there was no traffic and the route was as flat as the river it mainly followed. In fact it was cruel....to the souls who rode the Western Express from West to East, just imagine the false sense of security they were being lulled into before they soared skywards on the Sierra Nevada.

Bark n Splash??

On one such occasion of asking directions I was joined by Andrew, a hero who had also cycled the Trans Am/Western Express (West to East, bright boy) a couple of years back and for 20 odd miles we chatted about the route. He had a perfect example of how you start to speculate on small details as you traverse the country. He had started to wonder why all the gun shot holes and dents in the signs in Nevada were randomly spread anywhere on the road sign of a cow or deer. He concluded that the drivers at, say 90mph on Route 50, were discharging their firearms at the signs hence the low precision. However in Kansas this sign abuse displayed a higher accuracy as regards hitting the beast. Did Kansas gun men park up to achieve this higher proficiency? Anyway as we continued we discussed the surprising fact that anyone wants to live in Nevada and what delightful young men the half breeds who ride Harley Davidsons are (did I tell you that I didn't like them?)


I briefly stopped in 'historic' Sacromento before cycling out west. I was starting to notice the higher number of people, the greater number of motor cars versus trucks and the strangeness of a number of people. They could have sold tickets to view the people in the queue at McDonalds. Usually skinny older men badly dressed with pony tails and pointy beards. At Placerville one guy, apparently with his uncle, abandoned his order and went to the back of the queue to calm down before trying again. Frankly, these people with issues are not likely to live in sparsely populated outposts of the USA but rather in large urban sprawls.

Another big difference was the amount of Spanish being spoken. In the Mid West I might hear it down a Walmart aisle but now it was common amongst all. It will be interesting to know where English will stand in 50 years time in many States.

Obviously still eating him

So after the psychopaths (geddit....Peter, say it out loud and then you'll get it) I found myself in the fruit groves. They were beautifully arranged in large fields with calm empty roads in between. I abandoned the ACA map, which had me climbing, and let the Sat Nav lead me to Vacaville. Again I haggled at the Super8 for a better rate. David had told me he had a card for pensioners, he's only 50, and usually got 10% off. I pointed out my age to the Receptionist and also that tomorrow I would be celebrating a remarkable event. It worked.


Later on I bought a tin of 3.2% proof Black Cherry Lemonade at a petrol station and a woman my age asked for my ID to prove I was old enough. I expressed some bemusement despite my youthful looks, and showed her my Passport, to which she replied that her job required to ask all. Upon mature reflection then I can sympathise, if I had spent so much money on a lobotomy to get the job as a gas station cashier, then I would want to get full value.



California Dreaming

Mamas & Papas (no, I will not be using Hotel California or San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some flowers In Your Hair)

Woodfords to Placerville, California 81 miles - September 15 2014

I have decided to push on and complete my tour despite quite a bit of time left in my schedule. There is no attraction to stopping off in these lesser towns, I like the thought of getting 'the job done' and San Francisco looks exciting. I also believe they have meals with fresh fish in them there.

Lake Caple

When planning the ride I put quite a bit of contingency into the schedule to cover for injury, weather or mechanical issues. Up to press then apart from one miscalculation on distances in Utah then I have had a trouble free ride. As Jim has pointed out to me, by email, then the mileages I have cycled are immense. Not least when you factor in mountain ranges, the bike's weight and how many consecutive days I have ridden. So San Francisco should be mine by the end of the week. To think I will have gone coast to coast in about 52 days riding is a little hard to absorb. For anyone who hides behind the fact that they are 'too old' to do something then think on. I am no athlete (although cycling fit) as a 59 year old and, frankly, anything is possible.

Anyway, I saluted the boy from Middlesex as I left Hope Valley camping and proceeded up the mountain. Such an early start meant a good temperature and no wind. However, I was disappointed to be joined by articulated trucks on the climb.

I know I rant about the traffic but in fairness to these boys then these drivers have been professional and, barring the odd Kentucky coal truck, safety conscious around me on the trip. However their size and noise has been intimidating and when, as in this case, the road becomes narrow, I had to stop to let them pass.

Road works added to the excitement (not) and this lolly pop holder, on discovering my nationality, told me of his one time English girlfriend from Essex. He expressed some shock at her presentation of egg soldiers (again, I can't make this stuff up) and I told him that in Essex this was considered haut cuisine and for her to have made this dish confirmed her affection for him. Sadly she returned to Stanford-le-Hope, never to return.

I had to claim another 4,500 feet before dropping 800 feet to claim another 300 feet and then down 1,000 feet before up to 8,000 feet again. It was a long morning. I was relieved to have done this and felt that I had maybe seen the last of the 'heavy lifting' on the trip. The scenery was, as usual, quite superb and for the first time the trees were all pine. As the heat rose you could smell the resin as it wafted across the road. In fact some of the route started to look European. When I turned off at Cooks Station it was completely French in its appearance and the lack of traffic. When vineyards started to appear I had to take a double take.

Placerville proved a little reluctant to present itself and after my coaching by the South Carolina Belle I asked a local whether I should take a shortcut or follow my map. He confirmed the map was the one to follow. So I went around the proverbial houses and freewheeled into my first proper Californian town. Yes, it had Subway, McDonalds, General Dollar, Mexican restaurants and ramshackle 'liquor' stores....so no change there then! Got free wi-fi and checked Trip advisor and then found a hotel.



Senin, 15 September 2014

The Fool On The Hill

The Beatles

Silver Springs to Woodfords 78 miles - September 14 2014

I think I was enthusing about the Americans in the East and Mid West, however, some of the inconsideracy I meet now, in the West, is infuriating. Last night's site had little and certainly no electricity. So some of these large caravans have external petrol generators, presumably to heat the jacuzzi. Fair enough but with a tent nearby then would you start it up at 6am on a Sunday morning? I expect this brain donor is one of the drivers who has grazed my hip on Route 50.

So up and away and in Dayton I came across a Starbucks. Oh wow....yippee...raise a flag. It is here that I charged my Sat Nav and had breakfast before pedalling onto Carson City. Most of this run was on the flat before I started on my appointment with the Sierra Nevada. In Carson City I found Walmart and bought my dinner for the evening. As I was locking up the bike next to a rather ill looking chap in a wheelchair he called across to me. He was eating a Big Mac that I noted had been brought to him. He asked me if I'd get a large Coke for him and proferred the cash. I declined the money and went and fetched him the drink. When I returned I gave him the drink but he was surrounded by the Police and Walmart personnel vexed by his presence. I ducked back into the store to get my items.

Sierra Nevada

Leaving Carson City was hardwork with a 6 lane road, several sets of lights, an incline, a headwind and surprising heavy Sunday traffic. Carson City is the State capital of Nevada but I think the traffic is a function of it being between major routes.

Now we know where Rudolph spends his summers

Off the mountain came a hard wind. I think the afternoon heat had generated this. I went up and down until I reached Genoa. This looked quite twee with Sunday tourists. Pushing through I eventually left the foothills and started to climb. By tomorrow I had to reach 8,500 feet and here I was at 4,000 feet. As I started on the ascent I bagged my last State....California. I had expected the State sign to be neon and about 20 foot square. In fact I got something akin to a sign that you might get in the UK indicating a footpath!

Come on....don't be shy

So with a large number of miles in the legs I began to climb. I had the chance to stop earlier at a primitive camp site (vault toilet and drinking water) but selected a private one another 4 miles up the mountain that at least had a shower and electricity. Eric, the campsite 'host' told me that he had origins in South Ruislip (something that I personally would have definitely kept secret) and then he asked me about why the Scots wanted independence. I had no useful answers and I had to bid him farewell as the light was about to go and I had a tent to put up. However, before I left I asked about morning temperatures at 6,000 feet. In the late 30's or early 40's he replied - right I thought, a few layers in the sleeping bag needed then.

Just to mention some of the camaraderie amongst the cyclists then Jack who I met at the first campsite back in East Virginia has offered me a room in his daughter's house in San Francisco for the duration when I get there. How brilliant and kind. In fact I have booked a hostel but it says something about the bond of the folk who embark on this beautiful, painful and long ride.

AMAZING....STOP PRESS.... Just writing this blog up lying on my bed in Placerville, California and listening to radio Vixen 101's Steve Jessney and his show 'Nothing But The Blues'. He sends me a file and not only have I got a record played (Waylon Jennings) but Steve plugged the ride and York Carers Centre! Feeling very special. Thank you.







Minggu, 14 September 2014

Free Falling

Tom Petty

Austin to Cold Springs 49 miles - September 12 2014

Cold Springs to Silver Springs 100 miles - September 13 2014

The ride to Cold Springs was over in a flash. I fell all in all 300m and ended up at Cold Springs Station at before noon. I am now starting to descend from the Nevada high mountains and today was mainly about going down and being on the flat. My first day like this for weeks....yippee!

The RV Park is still in the middle of nowhere but there is camping on grass (ooohhh! I hear you say) and had a fabulous bar and diner attached to it. I did stop outside the park and look at the map and think should I continue but I wanted to speak to the family on Skype and also thought that my body deserved a short day.

The 12th was my 27th Wedding Anniversary. I am a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife who lets me disappear for 2 months to live the dream. I had wanted to send flowers but organising it in small (miniature) town America was impossible and the internet still required me to call. I also wanted to see what the bouquet looked like. So I turned to my favourite eldest daughter in London, Katrina, and she arranged the selection and delivery. Not bad eh?

Photography courtesy of Anna Ives, York

After setting up camp and laundry I got down to catching up with the blog and doing some research about San Francisco.

I woke early on the 13th and was off by 7.25 am. The descent continued and I made good progress into Fallon. To my relief I was back in a town with restaurants, wi-fi and stores. As I had done 60 miles I made the conscious decision to take an hour out of the ride. Walmart enabled me to get some ideas for dinner and Ceasar Salad it was (I will add some pasta). I know this sounds very mundane but into my 7th week, on the road, then getting some different ideas of what to eat is a treat.

Meth Lab

I pressed on to a State run campsite beside the lake at Silver Springs. However, due to a dry winter and summer then the lake has evaporated. It was well off the 'beaten track' and I dropped into a small store to get directions. Dwayne helped me and I commented on his Dr Who T shirt. I had seen this merchandise before in the USA and noted that BBC America aired the programme. It is quite big in the States. I said to Dwayne that I remember the launch in the Sixties. "Oh that will have been with William Hartnell" Woa...respect, Dwayne! Here, literally in the middle of nowhere, a Dr Who afficianado.

The campsite was quite nice if it had had drinking water, electricity and a shower. Anyway, I rigged up my shower solution, had enough water on the bike to drink, and cook with, and some charge in a little solar charger I carry to boost what was left in the Sat Nav. All bases covered and so to bed after another century ride.